Everything you need to know about Australian homestead designs

How do you get that look of the Australian outback? What do you need to know before embarking on an Australian homestead design of your own? Avondale Homes are the experts in this space, and have been building these types of homes since 2005. In this article, we’ll go over some things to consider when getting started with your Australian homestead design and help you understand why homestead designs are becoming so popular all over Australia (and beyond).

Finding inspiration for your homestead design

We truly believe we are lucky to live in such a beautiful country. Australia is home to some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world and we get excited about how that is reflected in our homes today. At Avondale Homes, we bring our passion for our country into every home design; whether it’s a modern day interpretation of homestead styles or that more traditional Queenslander-style design with a twist on a classic aesthetic, there is something for everyone who loves the Australian countryside. But when looking at Australian homestead designs, what are some things you should consider? First off, get inspired by history. After all, as long as we have been building here in Australia, these kinds of homes have been present in one form or another.

That being said, however much we love tradition and respecting past designs from generations gone by, we also like to add our own spin. It’s important to look at Australian homestead designs as an evolution of time; not necessarily a copycat version of those same buildings that have stood since colonial times although they are a great source of inspiration! There’s also a few other things your need to consider, we’ll touch on these next…