How to choose a Gold Coast home builder

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Choosing a Gold Coast home builder that’s right for you

If you’re looking for a Gold Coast home builder, then you’re about to enter an exciting stage of your life! Building a new home is always a great time, whether it’s your first home or your intended last. However, without the right builders on your side, the process can turn into a nightmare quickly.

Building a new home is a huge investment, not only in money but also in time. Endless delays and problems take all the fun out of the experience, so how do you avoid hiring Gold Coast builders who aren’t the right fit?

Consider your budget

Firstly, budget needs to be your major consideration. Everybody loves the idea of owning their dream home, but the reality is, that may not happen first-time around. If you’re looking to buy your first home, you may be somewhat limited in what you can afford, so you’ll need to understand your budget carefully. It’s not just about the initial cost of the home, but also about how you can realistically manage payments moving forward.

So, analyse your financial situation very carefully before purchasing a new home. Consider your future goals and plans. Do you want to start a family, and does that mean you’ll have a period of only one income in the near future? Take everything into account when committing to a mortgage.

Understanding your budget also allows you to shop around for Gold Cost home builders to ensure you maximise the budget you do have.

Reputation means everything to a Gold Coast home builder

When choosing a builder, reputation should play a huge role in your decision. People are always more likely to share their bad experiences online than their good ones. That means there should be a wealth of information available on social media and other websites. Google reviews are also a good indication of quality.

The fact is, some builders pick up a bad reputation for the way they go about things. Whether it’s surprising clients with a bunch of hidden costs, poor workmanship or taking far longer than estimated to build their homes. So, research thoroughly, and see what others are saying about potential building candidates.

Are they experienced in your style and housing preference?

Many builders specialise in certain types of homes. For example, some building companies work exclusively with units, villas and subdividing. Others only work to specific designs and don’t allow you to customise anything – this is common with house and land packages. If you want something specific, find builders who specialise.

One example is acreage home builders. If you want a house on a larger piece of land in a rural setting, it doesn’t make sense to hire a building company that mainly builds suburban Gold Coast homes. Find expert acreage home builders who understand exactly what you need.

Local knowledge is important

It’s also true that many builders work exclusively in certain areas. It may be that their office is nearby, and they don’t like to travel. It could be they’ve got preferred suppliers who only deliver to certain areas. Whatever the reason, local knowledge is important. If nothing else, when you hire a local builder, you know they’re up to speed with the trends in that area.

When it comes to more remote or rural areas, it’s also good to have a builder who knows the location. They’ll know about additional building requirements, such as considering bushfire zones and wind ratings. They’ll also know what’s required in terms of accessing services like water and power. This is exactly why the most popular internet searches are terms like ‘home builders near me’.

What is their customer service like?

Have you ever contacted a company and just got a bad feeling from your very first phone call? It happens, and it can be a real turn-off. Whether it’s an unfriendly staff member on the phone, or being promised a call-back that never comes, poor service leaves a bad taste in your mouth.

While it’s a bit of a generalisation, poor customer service can be an indicator of poor service overall. Gold Coast home builders who don’t prioritise potential customers are less likely to be accessible and available for their existing customers. So, if you get a bad vibe straight away, you should definitely shop around.

Do they have a professional setup

What does your potential builder’s office look like? Is it organised, clean and welcoming, or does it look like a bomb’s just gone off? We’re always taught not to judge a book by it’s cover. However, serious businesses put the effort in to ensure their workspaces and offices are appealing to customers.

You don’t need to look for the most fancy office in town, but your Gold Coast builders should at least have a professional feel when you go to meet them.

Can they work to your timeline?

Another consideration is whether your builders can work to your timeline. Many building companies are run off their feet with projects, meaning they might not be able to start yours immediately. Some also have bad practices where they’ll take weeks on end to approve building contracts. This slows down the entire process, and extends the amount of time before you can move into your new home.

Nobody can predict events such as weather delays, but most builders should be able to give you a reasonably accurate completion date. If it doesn’t suit your needs, look elsewhere.

Ask for evidence of their workmanship

Finally, don’t be afraid to ask for proof of their workmanship. Most reputable builders will have photos of previously completed on their website. Their social media feeds may even be full of pictures and videos proudly displaying their work. But pictures can sometimes be deceiving.

If you want some more close-up evidence of the work they do, ask your Gold Coast home builder if they have any display homes. You can visit display homes to get an idea of how a builder’s house designs look when completed. Alternatively, are there current projects they’re working on that you could view? If a builder takes pride in their work, they’ll have no problem sharing it with you.