Tips For Luxury Acreage Home Designs

Why are more QLD families looking for luxury acreage home designs? Well, it’s because there’s nothing quite like the beautiful landscapes and wide, open spaces of acreage lifestyle. For this reason, building on a large allotment of land or acreage has become more appealing to many home buyers and new home builders alike– the abundance of space, privacy, beautiful scenery and the freedom of having an unrestricted blank canvas to build your dream luxury acreage home design.

A prime piece of land is the ideal blank canvas upon which your dream home can be tailor made to suit your needs and lifestyle. One of the most significant perks of acreage home designs is all the space you get to enjoy – you aren’t bound by as many limitations when it comes to the actual house design as you would with suburban or city living homes (aside from budget obviously).What Makes A Luxury Acreage Home Design? The quintessential acreage home will offer the charm and tranquillity of rural living with modern conveniences. When deciding on an acreage house design to sit on your block, it is important to consider a number of factors (listed below).

It complements the surroundings

As specialists in luxury acreage home designs, we know that a well-designed acreage home should echo the landscape in which it features.

This can be achieved by thoughtfully positioning the home according to the land contours to capture and frame the valley, the mountains, the bush or water views.

In addition, beautiful synergy between the home design and its surrounds can be accomplished by incorporating natural elements (specifically those elements that are mirrored in your backdrops) into design.

The external visibility of Luxury Acreage Home Designs

Many traditional home designs place an emphasis on the front of the home’s exterior, however when designing a home on an acreage where you are likely to have space all around it, you will need to consider the home’s aesthetics from multiple viewpoints. For example, how will a shed and other storage options work in with the design?

How will you use landscaping to enhance the aesthetics from various angles?

How will you effectively create privacy without taking away from the views and compromising the overall appeal?

Master builders like Avondale Homes have a selection of house plans that have been designed with purpose for acreage lots. It’s designed to suit your lifestyle

The ideal acreage home design gives you the luxury of space with all the modern conveniences that make everyday living a breeze. Having little to no restrictions on space means that you can design your home to be as liveable as is required for your particular family’s needs. Everything from the number of bathrooms the home should have, to how the kitchen is oriented in relation to the outdoor entertainment area, to having separate wings to the home for the parents and children (if you have slightly older children) and even the number of garages you’d like. Ultimately, you should feel as calm and comfortable in your home as if it were a holiday resort, which means that your new acreage house design should perfectly suit your family’s needs. After all, what good is it to have a home on a beautiful piece of land when the house design itself is not congruent to harmonious living.

Features of well-designed modern acreage home designs include;

  • Open plan living spaces for seamless flow between areas of the home
  • Alfresco spaces to blur the lines between indoor and outdoor areas, giving you the best of both as you and your family need it
  • Simple, clean lines and open spaces (windows, sliding doors) that showcase the scenery
  • Use of natural materials to create balance in design and a warm ambiance