What are the most popular acreage home plans in Queensland?

Acreage living is becoming increasingly popular as people look to escape the city. There’s a more relaxing, laid-back lifestyle to be found, and that’s why people are more interested than ever in acreage house plans. In fact, many people consider getting away from it all as their end-goal. So, when it comes to building an acreage home, it’s all about making your dreams come true.

However, not all acreage house designs are created equal. It takes experts in this style of housing to deliver what you truly want. That’s why we thought it was timely to give you the full run-down on acreage living, and highlight some of the best home designs. The beauty of acreage living is you’ve got options galore, so here’s everything you need to know.

What is acreage living all about?

Acreage living is all about giving yourself the space and freedom to live your life your way. Some people refer to it as rural or country living, but that’s not necessarily the case. There are plenty of acreage plots of land not too far from major population centres too.

But whether you want to escape to the country or stay a bit closer to the city, acreage living is all about lifestyle. Wide, open plots of land with beautiful views and the space to do everything you love. Acreage living doesn’t mean farming either. Of course, all that extra land gives you the option to raise livestock and be a bit more self-sufficient, but it’s not essential.

It’s just about living a more relaxed life. Large outdoor dining areas, swimming pools, a greenhouse for growing food – the possibilities are endless. It’s all about you.

What to look for in acreage house designs

Acreage house designs give you the freedom and flexibility to live how you want. From smaller 4-bedroom homes to larger 6-bedroom properties for a bigger family, the choice is yours. However, like any type of home, there’s a few things to look for.

Firstly, it needs to suit your needs now and into the future. If you’re a young family looking to have more kids, make sure you build with that in mind. You also want to consider your lifestyle. Where you position the home on your block is important, for example. If you want outdoor areas, get them in the right position for comfort and shelter from the weather.

Another thing to look for is space. Generally, acreage homes are designed for comfort and liveability. You’ve got more space to make rooms bigger, so make sure the design has plenty of space.

Consider your future needs and lifestyle

When it comes down to it, acreage living is all about you. It’s about your family, how you want to live your life, and often it’s your dream home. Perhaps you’ve worked for several years, saving for this lifestyle you really want. Sometimes it might be more of a retirement move. You’ve finished work and you want a more relaxed, peaceful lifestyle.

Whatever your lifestyle and needs, make sure your acreage house design matches perfectly. There’s a great sense of freedom that comes with acreage living, so be sure to embrace it. When working with professional acreage home builders, there’s no limits. Build the home you’ve always wanted, and ensure it suits your future goals.

Acreage home design examples

Here at Avondale Homes, we’ve got a huge selection of acreage house designs to choose from. There’s really something to suit any budget and lifestyle, so we thought it would be good to highlight a few options.

The home designs below are quite different, but they all have one thing in common. Quality. They’re designed with acreage living in mind. Modern style housing in an acreage setting, because you shouldn’t have to forego a bit of luxury just because you move away from the city.

Check out some of our most popular designs below.

Gracedale 433

When size matters, there’s few better options than the Gracedale 433 home design. This is perfect for either a large family, or anybody who loves to entertain. Featuring 6 bedrooms, 3 of those with their own ensuite bathroom, there’s plenty of space for a growing family or guests. There’s also a home office, so it’s perfect for those who work at home.

Entertaining is taken to a new level with the Gracedale 433. You’ve got so much space for activities and guests, that any kind of party or gathering is easy. But be warned, the extended family won’t want to go anywhere else for Christmas again!

The Gracedale 433 features a huge alfresco dining area, and even an outdoor kitchen so that everybody can be together. There are actually 4 separate entertaining areas, so it’s perfect for mixed events with friends and family of all ages.

Elmswood 435

The Elmswood 435 is perfect for the growing family, especially if people like to enjoy their own space. The home is broken up into two wings, with a spacious alfresco dining area connecting the two. Add in a pool, and you’ve got the perfect area for the family to come together.

In total, you get 5 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms and a 3-car garage. Ultimately, it’s designed for maximum comfort and liveability, with very little wasted space throughout. So, whether you’ve got a growing family or you just love to host guests and entertain, the Elmswood 435 is a great option.

Hamilton 355

For those on a slightly lower budget, or with a smaller family, look no further than the affordable Hamilton 355. This home features 4 bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms. It’s perfect for the family or couple who want to enjoy acreage living but don’t need as much space as others.

Of course, there’s still plenty of space, with essentially 3 different living zones, a formal lounge and even a media room. You get plenty of luxury with the Hamilton 355, and the wide spanning frontage looks incredible on arrival. If you like to entertain, t here’s also a gourmet kitchen, butlers pantry and generous alfresco dining area!