Custom home builders Brisbane has to offer

When it comes time to search for a new home for you and your family, the world is full of opportunities. You buy an older, previously lived-in home, or opt for a brand new construction home.

But what if neither of those options is what you want? What if you’d rather custom design and build a home?

In this case, the question you should be asking is how to find the best custom home builders in Brisbane. We’re here to help you find answers.

Keep reading for everything you need to look for when hiring custom home builders, and what to avoid.

Custom Home Building Experience

Almost every skill in life improves with practice. Hiring a custom home builder that has years of valuable experience under their belt is essential if you want the best possible results. The directors and owners of Avondale Homes, for example, have over 40 years of experience in residential and rural acreage properties in Queensland.

Years of experience results in exceptional knowledge, problem-solving, skill mastery, and instinct. You want your custom home building team to be confident, competent, and skilled.

Positive Client Reviews

However, any custom home builder in Brisbane can boast about their own skill and experience. To find credibility behind their claims, find out what other home buyers have to say about their experience working with the builder.

Do they have glowing client reviews and testimonials? Would the client recommend the custom builders to other homebuyers? Were the builders affordable, efficient, and professional?

We stand behind our claims and so do our previous clients. Click here to see what our clients think about our custom-built homes.

Examples of Previous Builds

Client reviews are a valuable source of information, but you should also see for yourself if you like the work produced by the building company. Do some research online to find examples of previous custom home designs and builds.

This is a good way to see if you like the builder’s style. You can also get a good understanding of the quality of their work and craftsmanship. Look through our gallery of custom-built homes to get a better idea of the types of results we can produce for you.


To find the best custom home builders in Brisbane, you should also look into the qualifications, licensing, and awards held by each company. For example, The Housing Industry Association (HIA) is Australia’s largest residential building organisation and the voice of Australia’s home building industry. The Master Builders Association is an organisation devoted to a strict code of conduct, which includes professionalism and quality services.

At Avondale Homes, we are proud members of both the Master Builders Association and the Housing Industry Association. We are one of Queensland’s most trusted and awarded builders.

Home Warranties

Before settling on custom acreage home builders in Brisbane, find out what warranties they offer their clients. A home build is incredibly complex, especially when it’s been custom designed.

Choose a custom home builder that fortifies the quality of their work with a respectable home warranty. After all, if you start to find issues, damages, and imperfections in your home after you move in, you shouldn’t have to pay for remediations.

What will the builders do if they made an error? What is and isn’t covered through the home warranty? Is the home warranty included in the contract?

Quality Building Materials

The best custom home builders in Brisbane have more than just amazing custom home plans and designs. They also use high-quality, durable materials. A home, after all, is only as good as the materials it’s made out of.

The better the materials are that are used in your home build, the less likely you are to need repairs and renovations in the future. High-quality materials and other products (like appliances) also come with product warranties. If a product is defective but covered by a product warranty, the manufacturer will replace the item.

All-Inclusive Services

One of the best qualities of a custom home builder is their ability to complete the home without hiring outside contractors. The more people that are involved in your custom-built home, the more chances there are for something to go wrong.

At Avondale Homes, we handle every step of the custom home building process. That way, you know exactly who is doing each job and everyone is on the same page. In-house, all-inclusive services provide our clients with peace of mind.

Communication and Customer Service

No matter what type of service you’re looking for, it’s best to work with a company that places a high priority on customer service and communication. This is especially important when looking for custom home builders in Brisbane.

You and your builders need to be on the same page at all times. This requires efficient and reliable two-way communication. If you need to contact the building company to change plans, make changes, or inquire about an idea you’ve had, timely communication is vital.

Additionally, consider their customer service skills. Are they willing to go out of their way to make sure you’re satisfied. Are they open to your ideas and design plans?

At all costs, you should avoid working with a custom builder who seems disinterested in what you have to say. At the end of the day, it’s your house and your life that will be affected most by the build.


Finally, consider the cost of the custom home builders in Brisbane. It’s important to find competitive pricing so you’re not overpaying for services.

However, remember that you often get what you pay for. If you look for a custom builder who offers prices that are too good to be true, their services might leave something to be desired. They could use poor quality materials, have limited experience, or produce low-quality results.

When looking at the costs, factor in the other times listed in this article. Just as importantly, verify your costs in the contract so you aren’t hit with any surprise fees. At Avondale homes, we have a fixed quote and contract because we believe in being completely transparent with our clients.

Looking for Custom Home Builders in Brisbane?

Are you planning on building a custom home? If so, follow the advice written above to make the absolute best choice for your future home. This is not a decision you should make lightly, nor something you should trust in the hands of just any builder.

We believe we can help you turn your dream designs into a reality. Avondale Homes is one of the leading custom home builders in Brisbane and we would love to work with you. Contact us today to get a quote for your custom home build.