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Knockdown Rebuild Acreage Home Builders

A popular option for those who love the location of your home but have outgrown or simply want to update the home you live in. Deciding to knockdown and rebuild your home can raise the value of your property and save you from paying stamp duty and selling costs, it also gives you the added benefit of creating a new home suited to your block and your lifestyle.

Whether you’re buying an existing and outdated property, or living in a home that no longer suits your family, Avondale Homes will help you rebuild your dream home.

Why knock down & rebuild?

  • Stay in the location you love
  • Stay close to the local amenities you value
  • There is less financial risk than a renovation or extension
  • Your property value will increase should you choose to sell
  • Avoid agent fees, stamp duties and other costs associated with moving to a new house
  • Your new home can have better energy efficiency and lower power bills

Home Designs for your acreage block

Floor plan - Plan
Floor plan - Technical drawing
Gembrook 400 Floorplan Avondale Homes

Knockdown rebuild homes and sub-divisions require an entirely different starting process to a regular home build.

It is important to know what a knockdown rebuild project entails in order to save on both time and money.



Site & Planning Assessment

Initial site assessment:

Typically this will involve a visit to your land (the site) with your Avondale New Home Consultant to get an overall picture. At this meeting we will try determining your objectives and thoughts around developing the site and potential suitable acreage home designs. There is no cost for this service. Local council regulations and overlays vary from block to block which are likely to drive planning and/or design considerations for your project.

Initial planning assessment:

Next, you have a no obligation, no cost meeting with one of our preferred planning/design team members and New Home Consultant to have a preliminary discussion to the feasibility of the development and here a preliminary budget would be established.


Work Through The Details

Your Knockdown Rebuild Team

This is done in collaboration with all respective consultants and the planner/designer as there are many facets that influence the outcome. For example, site levels could dictate how high in relation to the boundary you can go. Or how your neighbours have utilised their site due to privacy. All of which will affect how you develop your acreage land and ultimately will affect the design of the home too.

In addition, soil types, flood zones, bush fire rating, orientation, existing utilities, flora/fauna cultural heritage land, retaining walls and many other considerations, can all affect the final design.

Final agreed design / planning application:

Now that a suitable design has been developed in conjunction with your Avondale kockdown rebuild team, your site specific concept drawings can now be ordered and quoted up for your consideration. Tip: Only develop a plan that is within your chosen budget prior to submitting to council.


Approvals Processing

Respond to planning / permit conditions and queries:

As the appropriate Council and authorities make their assessment of the proposal, there are usually a number of requests for information or amendments that need to be made. Together with the planner/designer, our team will respond to these with your input as required. Some of these may be outside the original scope so may require the input of some more funds. All of which we work through with you

Planning approval:

On receipt of a planning approval there are often a number of requirements and a list of fees/infrastructure charges to be paid by you. On your acceptance of these, we proceed to finalise the design of the home/s then assemble the building contracts.


The Building Contract

Final working drawings / building contracts signed:

Once your planning permit is received by the Council, then you’re ready for your final working drawings and contact documents. Once your building contract is signed and your deposit paid, your Avondale Knockdown Rebuild team will apply for your building permit.

Building permit:

On receipt of your building permit, it’s all systems go! Receiving your confirmed finance, suppliers, sub-contractors, produce orders and confirm the construction start date.

Take advantage of your great location with a Knockdown Rebuild by Qld’s award winning acreage home builder