Things to know when building acreage homes

The Advantages of Building an Acreage Home

For many, it’s the Australian dream to move to the country on a big parcel of land to enjoy all that rural living has to offer. There’s so much open space, plenty of peace and quiet, and also the chance to have a beautifully designed modern home. Here at Avondale Homes, we’re experts in acreage home design, and we see the joy that acreage living brings to people every day.

Not only are the surroundings beautiful, but rural communities are often smaller, and very tight-knit. It doesn’t mean you’ll have someone knocking on your door for a cup of tea every day, but it does mean you’ve got the support of a friendly community available.

Kids also love growing up away from the city. More time outdoors, exploring the world around them, is great for children of all ages. So, if you’re considering a stunning acreage house design, there’s a few things to consider first.

Associated costs and access to services

With all the benefits of acreage living, there can also be some associated costs you’ll need to budget for. Firstly, you need to ensure your site has access to services such as power, sewerage and water. Obviously, this is important for living there, but it’s also essential during the building process.

Your builders need access to all of these things, so it’s worth checking it out first. If you need to extend power from the road, or even the installation of Phase 3 power, there will be an initial cost to get this done. This usually falls outside of the scope of your building contract, however at Avondale Homes we’d always help with some advice on how to get this done.

The same goes for access to water and sewerage. If you need council approval for things like septic tanks, it can delay the start of the build process. You’ll also want to decide whether you’re building on a sloped surface. A contour survey is a good idea before you start planning, because building on sloped surfaces can cause extra costs. So, make these considerations a priority even before building.

Bushfire zones and high wind areas

Rural living is great, but as we know in Australia, bushfires pose a serious risk. There are several Bushfire Prone Areas (BPAs) in Queensland, and naturally, most of them fall in rural and bush areas. So, if you’re going to be building in a BPA, you’ll need to take some additional steps.

The build process is a little different, and you’ll need a Bushfire Attack Level assessment done before construction. The main difference is the materials used, such as fire-rated insulation, glass, metal and timbers. Your builders also have to follow slightly different construction methods.

Also, if you’re in a high-wind area, your home needs extra bracing and engineering support. This will have a cost associated, so talk to your builders about this before you get started.

Providing appropriate vehicle access

If you’ve got a large parcel of land, you’ll naturally want a nice driveway to enter your property. Depending on your land size, that doesn’t mean you need a beautiful concrete driveway that stretches hundreds of metres. But it does mean you’ll need appropriate property access for vehicles.

This applies before the build process too. You’ll be required to ensure that your building team can safely access your property in all weather conditions. Working with quality acreage home builders is essential here, because you can get an idea of where your house will sit on the lot, making it easier to plan the driveway in advance.

Smart budgeting for the acreage home you want

With those potential costs in mind, budgeting becomes the most important consideration for any acreage home build. Especially if this is going to be your dream home, you want to get exactly what you want. That means the best house design, a layout you love, and as much space as you need. If you don’t take into account the associated costs of acreage home design, you may be forced to compromise on other aspects of the build.

So, dealing with experienced, professional acreage home builders is essential. Not only will they do the best job, but they can also advise on all essential expenses, as well as ones that may arise along the way. The beauty is, many of these costs can be determined before building starts. But, as we know, planning and budgeting often starts well before you make contact with a builder, so just keep some of those possible expenses in mind.

A home design to suit your lifestyle

Finally, you want an acreage home design that perfectly suits your lifestyle. Things to consider here are the size of the home, the floorplan, outdoor entertaining areas, and house orientation. Remember, this is your dream home, so you want it to fit your lifestyle perfectly. If you need space for a growing family, plan extra rooms in advance. If you’re retired, you may want a smaller home with more space for relaxation and hobbies. Do you want gardens around the home?

There’s a lot to consider, but the beauty is that the choice is all yours. With the best acreage home builders in Queensland, you can get a home design you absolutely love. Also, don’t forget the views! The orientation of your home determines what you’ll see from outdoor entertaining areas and other parts of the home. You can also choose which side of the home gets the all-day sun.

For the best advice, contact Avondale Homes

With so much to think about, finding an experienced acreage home building company is crucial. They’ll be able to advice on all your costs up-front, so there’s no surprises along the way. They’ll also give you great support and advice to get everything set up before the build, such as access to services, vehicle access and all assessments and testing that might be required.

When you’re looking for the very best in acreage home design and construction, contact Avondale Homes today. We’d love to help turn your dreams into a reality.