Discover Family Paradise with House and Land Packages on the Sunshine Coast


Nestled between pristine beaches and lush hinterland, the Sunshine Coast is a haven for families seeking a harmonious balance of nature, community, and modern living. Avondale Homes offers an array of house and land packages on the Sunshine Coast designed with families in mind. Discover the benefits of making this vibrant region your family’s new home base.

Why Choose the Sunshine Coast for Your Family?

1. Community and Connectivity

The Sunshine Coast is renowned for its strong sense of community and easy connectivity to essential services, schools, and recreational facilities. Our house and land packages are strategically located to ensure you’re never far from what matters most to your family.

2. A Lifestyle Second to None

Embrace an active, outdoor lifestyle with the Sunshine Coast’s world-class beaches, parks, and walking trails. Each day offers a new adventure, from surfing at Noosa to exploring the hinterland, making it an ideal setting for families who love to explore and stay active.

3. Educational Opportunities

With a wide selection of schools and educational institutions, the Sunshine Coast provides excellent options for your children’s education, from early learning centers to universities. Our communities are designed to give families easy access to educational facilities, supporting a bright future for your children.

4. Economic Growth and Stability

The Sunshine Coast is experiencing significant economic growth, offering families stability and opportunities in various sectors. Investing in a house and land package here means investing in a region with a promising future, where your family can grow and thrive.

5. Designed for Families

Avondale Homes’ packages are meticulously designed with family needs in mind. Spacious living areas, safe neighborhoods, and access to community amenities ensure that your family doesn’t just have a place to live, but a place to belong.

6. Value for Money

With competitive pricing and the potential for strong capital growth, our house and land packages on the Sunshine Coast represent not just a lifestyle investment but a smart financial decision for families looking to maximize their investment in a home.