Avondale Homes Review

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Acreage home specialists

Today we’re going to check out Gold Coast acreage home specialists, Avondale Homes. Owners Darryl and Ingrid Meehan have specialised in residential and rural properties for over 40 years, and since starting the business in 2009 they’ve built over 750 homes for families throughout Queensland. They’re award winning, locally owned and operated, and there’s a lot to love about the service from Avondale Homes.

Here’s everything you know about the company known as Queensland’s most trusted acreage home builder.

Range of home designs

There’s a common misconception out there that there’s two types of builders. There’s ones who deal in custom home designs, and ones who only work on pre-designed house plans. With Avondale Homes, you get the best of both worlds.

A quick scroll through the Avondale Homes website shows a huge range of home designs on offer. From large, sprawling rural homes to affordable, compact solutions, there’s something for everybody. But best of all, is they specialise in custom home designs. You can choose to slightly alter their existing designs, or they’ll work with you on a completely original design.

A network of professionals

All the best home builders have a strong network of professionals around them. That includes architects, designers, plumbers, electricians and much more. Avondale Homes have been in the industry for such a long time that they’ve built a robust network of trusted, reliable professionals to get your home built to the highest standard.

It’s not just the tradespeople though. It’s also about the building partners they use for materials. Quality is high on the list for Avondale Homes, which is why their trusted suppliers are a who’s who of Australia’s best brands. With names like Truecore, Colorbond, James Hardie, Laminex, Caroma and Caeserstone, you know you’re getting quality materials and inclusions in your home.

What services do they offer?

In short, if it’s to do with building your dream home, Avondale Homes offers it. While they specialise in acreage house designs, they’re skilled and experienced in all aspects of residential construction. They offer a comprehensive knockdown and rebuild service, because sometimes the perfect piece of land comes with a home you simply can’t renovate to suit your needs.

Importantly, they also offer a range of home designs, which cuts down your designing costs. However they don’t charge extra to customise their existing designs, which is another bonus. From the very first step of planning your home to seeking council approvals and handing over the keys, Avondale Homes takes care of everything.

Avondale Homes reputation

It’s not difficult to find out about a business’s reputation these days. With online resources available and people willing to share their experiences, you can get a good idea of a company’s reputation. Before even considering that, we should note that with over 750 homes built, Avondale’s longevity alone is testament to the fact they do quality work.

One product review site shows Avondale Homes as earning 5 out of 5 stars, while their Google reviews tell a similar story. They’ve also won awards for their acreage home designs, and they’re also Master Builders Association and Housing Industry Association members, confirming their commitment to quality.

24-hour contract turnaround

One of the highlights we found in the Avondale Homes service offering was the speed at which they deal with contracts. While some home builders have a 6-8 week turnaround time on building contracts, Avondale Homes promise theirs in just 24 hours. This is a huge benefit to customers who want to be in their home as quickly as possible.

That’s almost a 2 month reduction in total build time, which is crucial for a lot of people who are building homes. Many customers are either renting, or they’ve sold their own property and are trying to line up settlement with moving into their new home. So, this is a huge plus or Avondale Homes.

No charges for customisation

So many builders out there choose to charge additional costs for customising existing home designs. While we can appreciate that designing a whole new home from scratch comes with an expense, generally it isn’t too hard for a professional building outfit to tweak existing home designs that they’ve built before.

So, we were pretty excited to hear that when you choose one of Avondale Homes’ existing designs but just need a few minor alterations to suit your needs, they’ll oblige free of charge. It shows a commitment to customer service and making it easy for homebuilders to deal with them.

Industry experience

It’s always worth looking at industry experience when researching building companies. One of the main reasons is that builders don’t last long out on their own if they aren’t delivering quality work. So, some longevity goes a long way when assessing a building company’s credentials.

Avondale Homes has been in operation since 2009, and since that time they’ve delivered over 750 homes to people across Queensland. That’s a hell of a lot of satisfied customers. In addition to this, the owners, Darry and Ingrid Meehand have 40 years of experience in the industry. Building homes is a passion for them, and something they’ve dedicated their lives to.

Customer service

How a company deals with its customers is integral. We put a huge emphasis on customer service, particularly because of how stressful the home building process can be. It’s also something that Avondale Homes pride themselves on. The whole team, from the owners down to the contractors are very open and accessible. In fact, clients have access to the Avondale Homes owners throughout the build process if they have any concerns. There aren’t a lot of other successful building companies who provide that level of service.

Quality of workmanship

Finally, what is a building company without a high level of workmanship? When making your biggest financial investments, you want to be assured of top quality, without exception. So, how do Avondale Homes stack up for quality? Judging by the gallery on their website, which features several room-by-room images to give you a closer look, everything looks incredible.

Best of all, for those wanting to get a hands-on look at their work, they have display homes you can view. They’re confident in the quality of their products, and are more than happy to show you through so you can see it for yourself.