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Hamptons architectural designs and home styling began in the 1600’s, originating from wealthy New Yorkers in beach side suburbs. This timeless design style has been a hit for so many Queenslanders and it’s no wonder why. The luxurious atmosphere it provides, with a relaxed feel that is perfect for the Queensland lifestyle and as one of the most trusted Hamptons Home Builders it’s definitely one of our favourite designs to build.

The Hamptons Home Design creates a look of luxury and beachy vibes through the  use of painted weatherboards, stunning render and stone. Couple this with gable or slimline roofing, large verandahs, a mix of white, grey and darker tones and lots of natural light and you’ll feel a sense of elegance, sophistication and space that only a Hamptons Home Design can bring.

As the trusted Hamptons Home Builders, we can help bring your dream Hamptons Home Design to life throughout the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Gympie regions using only the highest quality materials with unmatched value and quality.

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The Hamptons Home Design Checklist

What you should consider when designing your Hamptons Home?

Designing a home with a Hamptons feel requires a few elements that will give it that classic coastal feel. So what are the Hamptons Home design essentials? Here’s our go-to list:

  • A gable or slimline style roof, often in a darker shade and tiled
  • Large verandahs or even a wrap around verandah
  • Timber panelling (or timber-look cladding) with a pastel colour palette
  • Stunning timber flooring
  • Window shutters
  • French doors
  • An open plan design
  • The classic white picket fence
  • Lots of use of natural light to give you that sense of space

What about styling the interior of my Hamptons Home?

There’s definitely a distinct feel when you walk into a Hamptons Home. You’ll be greeted by beachy white tones and airy, open spaces that feel like you have just arrived beachside. So how do you achieve this look? Here’s our list;

  • Natural stone features and table tops
  • Oversized, luxurious furniture
  • Use varying textures including linen, rattan, smooth timber and soft natural cottons
  • Jute style rugs are a must!
  • Traditional multi-paned windows with shutters that flood rooms with natural light.
  • Indoor greenery
  • Free standing baths
  • Beach themed furnishings, like nautical prints and driftwood table pieces