Live out your dream of living in the countryside

So, you want to head for the hills… We get it!

It is certainly the ultimate lifestyle to live on your own land in a beautiful acreage home with nothing and no one else in sight but beautiful rolling hills and/or country side. Especially if you’re tired of the fast pace and the stress of suburbia and big city life, the idea of packing up and moving to acreage is very appealing indeed. But before you take the plunge and start packing your bags, it’s important that you understand what acreage living entails.

First and foremost, living away from the hustle and bustle and on acreage is a great way to live. The health benefits of living amongst nature is widely published. The peace and quiet, the fresh air, the space in addition to the active lifestyle that living in an acreage home promotes have proven to have a positive impact on overall quality of life. For this reason, families who are on acreage swear by their move. But there can also be many other practical benefits of living in on acreage. These days acreage plots are a fair way out from cities or key urban areas and as such, prices for land can be significantly cheaper than blocks a twentieth of size when compared to suburban options. However, there may be other compromises with living further out from a town centre or city. Commutes will be longer – your everyday run up to the store will be longer. In the majority of cases the benefits will outweigh these compromises, but it is something to keep in mind.

In general home buying or home building, the home design you inevitably build on your block is largely influenced by the size of block you purchase. Thankfully this isn’t a limitation you would have to contend with when building on acreage, an acreage home design is usually only limited by your imagination and your budget. Reputable acreage home builders like Avondale Homes offer home designs that fit the natural appeal of the surroundings and take full advantage of vistas whilst providing privacy and comfort can all be achieved with practical and efficient design principles. The lowset homestead design is an Australian classic that has been tried and tested, however, acreage home designs have come a long way. For example, modern architectural marvels provide an amazing contrast to the natural landscape. The options are literally endless and it all depends on your personal preference and needs, simply speak to our expert design team to create your own personal sanctuary.

Prior to settling on a plot you need to consider how you will be using the land. If you have plans to keep animals or agricultural plots it is important to evaluate the land to ensure it will meet your needs. Working through the must haves on the acreage can give you a clear sense of way to next best proceed prior to signing a contract for the acreage or the home build. There are some very specific considerations to think about. Mother nature is a magnificently powerful force, so building a home that doesn’t take the forces of nature may result in an undesired rebuild sooner than expected. Architects and engineers can assist in optimising an acreage home design that works with the natural flow of the land and harnesses nature’s forces for the benefit of your household’s heating and cooling amongst other services and ensure the building is optimised against wind and water flow.

When building on acreage it’s critical that the full costs are explored ensure you don’t blow your budget. Building costs may vary depending on the slope of the land, access to build location as well as setting the block for a safe and structural foundation to be laid. Talk to your builder and get their advice on how to stay on budget with your build. Costs of setting services such as mains water, electricity and internet and communications ay also vary depending on the distance from central utilities.  Additionally, service provided by governments that we generally take for granted such as road maintenance are generally completed on the basis of the population being impacted. Although areas with acreage aren’t necessarily neglected there may be delays with such services.

As amazing and peaceful as acreage living can be it’s not all sunflowers and daffodils if you don’t properly prepare for the build and the lifestyle – hence the importance of choosing the right acreage home builder for your investment. Maintaining an acreage does involve a bit more time an effort to ensure the safety and aesthetics of the property.

Clearing dry foliage and dead trees is a must to protect against the threat of bushfires. A credible home builder will advise of such threat and the steps that can be taken when designing your home. Flaura and fauna is generally part of the appeal of living on acreage however threat of wildlife must also be considered. Snakes, fire ants, spiders and ticks can pose a significant threat to your or your pet’s safety. It’s important to consider all aspects of the land before commencing a home build. Work with your acreage home builder to get their advice on how to approach your build and whether or not the land should be inspected by wild life experts as to not have a pest problem on your hands. In dire cases following severe weather events rural arears can get cut off due to flooded or closed roads. It important to have proper plan in place to protect yourself in such instances.

The best piece of advice would be to keep the emotions out it. Acreage living can be a dream come true for many. However, it can also be an overwhelming undertaking if you’re not prepared for the potential added costs or the maintenance required to fully enjoy the benefits of living on acreage.

The key takeaways

Building a new acreage home is a significant financial and emotional investment. Do your due diligence and allocate the time to do a thorough check on the proposed land you will be building on as well as your prospective builder, their workmanship, references and credentials.

If there is anything that you are not sure of, ask for advice from a home builder such as Avondale Homes that specialises in acreage homes, an independent consultant, or local council. Ensure that you fully understand everything important regarding the land, any building restrictions based on the land and the build project itself.

The team at Avondale Homes would love to have the opportunity to answer any further questions you may have. Contact our team today for a home building experience that is second to none.